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Group Info <- This is the most important link here, by far!
Imaginekos are catlike magical creatures who are loyal pets to OCs. If you have an Imagineko, please join us! If not, adopt one and then join us!
GROUP RULES: majikkanbeingsunite.deviantart…
Do you have an original species group? Ask to affiliate, we don't bite.
Founded 1 Year ago
Oct 28, 2015


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106 Members
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No admin slots? Well, that's ok...
Please comment with any info, updates, etc (unique powers, names, and who the Imaginekos will be living with)

How to create a My Imaginekos List1. Go to Writer, create a new document, title it "My Imaginekos" or something similar (whatever makes sense), and press Submit.
2. Submit it to deviantART as-is, in the category deviantART-related/Devious Fun/Other. Give it these tags: #openuniverse #imagineko #imaginekos #imagineko_masterlist
3. Click "Edit with Writer".
4. (Optional: Use this form for each of your Imaginekos if you like: Imagineko ID Template) or just use common sense
If you want to participate in the ARPG (and get free stuff) you will need one of these lists!

[(whatever)*-Type] means Hex's Signature 

Karlotte [All-Type, unique power: aware of locations and mental states of all Imaginekos at all times] (belongs to all of us) This is her -> :iconimagineko-oc-group:  Icon Challenge 3 - Karlotte Karlotte Squee Emoji Karlotte Emoji Karlotte  Icon Commish  By T O K Y O-da4zeaf by MajikkanBeingsUnite

 Brim [Star*-Type, unique power: chosen one of some sort of prophecy, so his true power is unknown, lives with Cybernetria], Ignia [Fractal-Type, unique power: the ability to bend minds and twist reality], Piun [Star-Type, unique power:], Kalido [Star-Type, unique power: can shift the atoms of any liquid substance, lives wherever there's water], and Fear [Infinite*-Type, unique power:] (belong to :iconalrealea: )

 Unagi [Rain-Type, unique power: _ , lives with Fruit Quartz], Lime [Shadow-Type, unique power: _ , lives with Lemon Quartz], Spooky [Star*-Type, unique power:], Jasper [Fire-Type, unique power:], Angel [Infinite-Type, unique power:] (belong to :iconswirlwindsilverstar: aka :iconsilverstarsadopts: )

 Willow [Leaf*-Type, unique power: shapeshifting into smaller creatures] and Pine [Leaf*-Type, unique power: shapeshifting into smaller creatures] (belong to :iconwackyfur: )

 Nem [Fractal-Type, unique power: can unlock any lock by touching it], Mira Mira [Sea-Type, unique power: can use mirrors as portals; but she can only jump from one mirror to another that she knows of], Quarry [Crystalline-Type, unique power: ability to walk on their hind legs during a crescent moon], Pop [Space-Type, unique power; ability to turn rocks into rock candy] [live with Klaona], Radi [Star-Type, unique power: can levitate small objects, lives with Caramel] and Ribbon [Impossibility-Type, unique power: can create force bubbles] (belong to :iconmqngo-tea: )

 Leia [Star-Type, unique power: control over ice despite being Star-type] and Seraphina (Energy-Type, unique power:] (belong to :iconlazareium: )

 Gem Jewel [Crystal-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconoobrony: )

 Yade [Leaf-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconcrixaliszt: )

 Shinka [Star-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconxxaniyuwolfxx: :iconapplepewrz:)

 Melody [Shadow-Type, unique power:] and Spree [Crystal-Type, unique power:] (belong to :icon90skld: :iconshockerbunny: )

 Tidal [Sea-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconnahterpie: )

 Shijinka [Shadow*-Type, unique power: shapeshifting, although her markings don't change apart from the colours] (belongs to :iconb00m-ls-a-technocat: aka :iconexethefaux-tao: aka :iconhunter404: aka :iconeverchanginq:)

 Sukuya [Cyborg-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconjakaroos:

 Dara Daiki [Leaf-Type, unique power:] and Senka [Shadow*-Type, unique power:] (belong to :iconrinthi: )

 Asta [Star*-Type, unique power: can create solid holograms of creatures] and Nerin [Sea-Type, unique power:] (belong to :iconfeatherys:

 Aracta [Impossibility-Type, unique power: ability to summon mythical creatures, lives with Eilo], ___ [Energy-Type, unique power:], Stella [Star-Type, unique power:], ___ [Cyborg-Type, unique power: can attach to any mechanical device, not just electronics], ___ [Mischief-Type, unique power], Sil [Shadow-Type, unique power: _, lives with Fluffy], Iza [Leaf-Type, unique power: can use leaves to create structures, lives with Tavoni], Annel [Infinite-Type, unique power: can summon dice with different abilities out of nowhere], Spyn [Crystal-Type, unique power: ability to create anything out of crystal], Spair [Leaf-Type, unique power:], Mie [Mischief*-Type, unique powers: _, _, _], Sylvina [Space-Type, unique power:], ___ [Fire-Type, unique power:], Ciare [Four-Dimensional*-Type, unique power: ability to create pocket dimensions] (belong to :iconaquapyrofan: aka :icongryfire: :icondrenyte-tamer: :iconspeciesgroup4398: :iconspeciesgroup84389: :iconspeciesgroup9u343:  )
 Leira [Shadow-Type, unique power:], Courage [Leaf-Type, unique power:], Lunar [Space-Type, unique power:], and Lumina [Electric-Type, unique power:] (belong to :iconiileaf: )

[Shadow-type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconxxwolfartxx: )

 Rainfli [Rain-Type, unique power:], Shadow [Shadow-Type, unique power:] Longeko [Star-Type, unique powers:], ElZace [Mischief-Type, unique powers:], Sylfaen [Mischief-Type, unique powers:], Agapito [Infinite-Type, unique power: telekinesis] (belong to :iconzhurestrafe: aka :iconidoq: aka :icontempusgod: aka :iconxygna: aka :iconeiyos: )

 Sema [Leaf-Type, unique power: _ , lives with Esprit], Sheeta [Shadow*-Type, unique power: can go anywhere she wants in an instant, but she has to picture the place in her mind, and can only do it at night and when she's outside, lives with Sox], Boots [Rain-Type, unique power: healing powers like a Leaf-Type's, lives with Sox], Nova [Star*-Type, unique power:], ___ [Impossibility-Type, unique power:] (belong to :iconelf--spirit: )

 Night [Shadow-type, unique power:], Star [Star-type, unique power:], and ___ [Cyborg-Type, unique power:] (belong to :iconsomeordinaryartists: )

 Sparkle [Star-type, unique power: ability to create rainbows that make beings happy], Glitch [Impossibility-Type, unique power: ability to conjure random stuff out of thin air], Erris [Mischief*-Type, unique powers: ability to bring inanimate objects to life (for a short amount of time, ability to can quickly memorize and/or decipher any foreign language, the ability to emit any noise ever recorded; she can mimic someone else's voice, can sound like a musical instrument, etc.], Thatcher [Crystal-Type, unique power: instantly adapts to any environment], Tinia [Mischief-Type, unique powers: can destroy inanimate objects with her mind, can hear up to a mile away if she focuses, can turn invisible at will], Winny [Leaf-Type, unique power: has random moments where she can see the future, not always important things though], Sean [Time-Type, unique power: can immediately sense the emotions of anyone he's talking to], Jacob [Rain-Type, unique power: can change the speed at which rain falls in a certain area] (belong to :iconcrazycat1231: )
 Naivara [Fire*-Type, unique power: ability to shapeshift into a fairy-like form and a red cat form] and Sprite [Leaf-Type, unique power:](belongs to :iconwolf-charm1620: )

 Camilla [Fire-Type, unique power: can heal any burn], [Heidi [Shadow-Type, unique power:] (live with Dr. Benjamin Sark) (belong to :iconmckinleygartz: )

 Stardust [Star-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconkittycattyart: )

 Aurora [Fractal-Type, unique power:] and Puzz [Leaf-type, unique power:] (belong to :iconhypostaticus: )

 Sunny [Electric-Type, unique power:] and Flare [Fire-Type, unique power:] (belong to :iconshadow-patch: )

 Quorra [Fractal-Type, unique power: ability to talk with humanoids, but she does it very, very rarely, lives with Ixem], Zyn [Space-Type, unique power: ability to control small amounts of dark matter and create small objects, lives with Valhalla Treymane], Azzura [Space-Type, unique power: _, lives with Neon], __ [Time-Type, unique power:] (belong to :icontraummalerin: )

 Viradechtis [Volcanic-type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconarrinwinterstar: )

 Draco [Shadow*-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :icondraceon:

 Brella [Rain-Type, unique power: can turn anything blue by touching it], Verta [Fire-Type, unique power: ability to mimic the sound of any insect] and Lumi [Star*-Type, unique power:] (belong to :iconcutebluekim:

 Azul [Rain-Type, unique power: ability to levitate herself and other small objects]  and Izak [Fractal*-Type, unique power: ability to change the time of the day (from morning to night) if on a small planet] (belong to :iconaeniridiae: )
 Osiris [Shadow-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconboxlotl::iconpvrple:)

 Fennec [Fire-Type, unique power:], Sigyn [Mischief-Type, unique powers:], Morgana [Impossibility-Type, unique power:], and Sina [Infinite-Type, unique power:] (belong to :iconarquerite: )
 Swift [Star-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :icont-o-k-y-o: )

 Anemone [Sea-Type, unique power:] and Flashfire [Fire-Type, unique power:] (belong to :iconkittywhiskersmeow: )

 Wolfsbane [Shadow-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconbluethecaracal: )

 Aquarius [Sea*-Type, unique power: can levitate things], Chrysalis [Crystal*-Type, unique power: can mimic appearance of others perfectly], Sailor [Star-Type, unique power: can control sound, including making it move things], Gano [Star*-Type, unique power: can create and control mirrors], Stopwatch [Cyborg-Type, unique power: can speed up, slow, and freeze time], Pie [Impossibility-Type, unique power: ability to summon and play any musical instrument], Octavina [Rain-Type, unique power: can make it rain glitter], Chibiusa [Star-Type, unique power: can create copies of herself, they're solid but not really real, and they disappear if she gets too far from them or if they get hit by anything], McFly [Time-Type, unique power: ability to change his feet into roller-skate wheels and skate really fast], Manya [Cyborg-Type, unique power: can create useful platforms in midair, decorated with a special symbol], Mad Hatter [Infinite-Type, unique power: breaks fourth walls - of worlds AND rooms ^^;], Pyrr [Fire-Type, unique power: can control metal the way she controls fire], Queen [Energy*-Type, unique power: can control cards] (live with DreamWalker and Lunala) (belong to :icondreamwalker-elphaba: )

 Rogue [Shadow-Type, unique power: ability to turn things invisible] (belongs to :iconprinceprocastinator: )

 Akuma [Mischief-Type, unique power: ablility to turn into shadows] (belongs to :iconkkiittyyy: 

 Balthazar [Leaf-Type, lives with Speera, unique power: can make plants grow and can make land fertile for farming], Sunset [Crystal-Type, unique power:] (belong to :iconspeera: )

 Eclipse [Shadow-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconbecausewhynot321: )

 Estrella [Star-Type, unique power: ability to control stars and lightning] (belongs to :iconsunmist-draws: )

 Sol [Star-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :icontilcam17: )

 Mystic Lapis [Impossibility-Type, unique power: _, lives with Peachy Sweet], Vipor [Space-Type, unique power: _, lives with Linda], Elisa [Time-Type, unique power: _, lives with Scar] Vay [Energy-Type, unique power: _, lives with Villa], Nivala [Fractal-Type, unique power: _, lives with Tara], Jeff [Shadow-Type, unique power:], Night [Star-Type, unique power: _, lives with Peca], Zin [Rain-Type, unique power: _, lives with Rin] (belong to :iconzane-romave::iconsanchkiy: )

 ____ [Crystal-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconsummer-peaches: )

 ____ [Star-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconohkittycookie: )

 Willow [Rain-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconviolet428: )

 Vyuriar [Shadow-Type, unique power: ability to split their body into identical multiples of themselves, up to six, while retaining full awareness of each body] (belongs to :iconmaskeddragonnamedlin: )

 Āra [Electric-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :icondolphinxnarwhal: )

 Sylvia [Star*-Type, unique power: can travel between dimensions and has a different form in each, lives with CuteHeartCaty and DiamondHeart] (belongs to :iconcuteheartcaty: )

 Meimu [Cyborg-Type, unique power:] and Ethel [Crystal-Type, unique power:] (belong to :iconzjeroxytz: )

 Orion [Star-Type, unique power: can sense danger] (belongs to :icondefiantdolphin: )

 Lynix [Sea-Type, unique power: _ , lives with Gaia] (belongs to :iconthequietartygirl: )
 Eclipse [Star-Type, unique power: can revive stars] (belongs to :iconkizzycosplayer: )

 Bero [Fire-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconbrimstonegarden::iconswiftfire6: )

 Fancy [Fire-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconblueasteroid: )

 Ophelia Lyric [Shadow-Type, unique power: intangibility (ability to phase through solid objects)] (belongs to :iconj-ayne: )

 Elysia [Electric-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconmaplekink: )

 Dia [Rain-Type, unique power: ability to shape water into gem-like forms which her adopted family can change into Gems (gem people) who hatch and live fully], Melanie [Energy-Type, unique power:], River [Time-Type, unique power: can manipulate space as well as time] (belong to :icon5friendslotsofcrazy:

 Lock [Fractal-Type, unique power: can teleport into anything like a book] (belongs to :iconlunaticserenity: )

 Alina [Fractal-Type, unique power: can mess with quantum-flavourdynamic probabilities (aka controls the weak nuclear force)] (belongs to :iconxtheperiodicautumnx: )

 Kyanos [Leaf-Type, unique power: can generate massive amounts of oxygen, far more than photosynthesis would explain] (belongs to :iconkatherinefennec: )

 Caesar [Mischief-Type, unique power: can control vines and weeds, lives with Evelyn Rainglade], Guinevere [Rain-Type, unique power: cries tears that can heal and give life, lives with Maxwell Woolsey] (belong to :iconjolteonlove33: )

 Cynical [Crystal-Type, unique power:_] (belongs to :iconpositive-viibes: )

 Nenu [Star-Type, unique power: ability to breathe in space] (belongs to :iconhalothekittycat::iconthatonecatonline::iconthestarsredemption::iconmidnight-tail: )

 Larry [Impossibility-Type, unique power: can summon doughnuts] (belongs to :iconwhirlwind-tigress: )

 ___ [Cyborg-Type, unique power:] (belongs to :iconspace-85: )

 Winter [Rain*-Type, unique power:], Oasis [Shadow-Type, unique power: can create ink with his paws], Sylva [Leaf-Type, unique power: can change size at will], Ember [Fire-Type, unique power:], Spark [Star-Type, unique power:], Aurora [Star-Type, unique power:], Shimmer [Cyborg-Type, unique power: _, lives with Imagia the Hoshinu] and Storm [Rain-Type, unique power: _, lives with Kaiyo]  (belong to :iconmajikkanbeingsunite: )

 Sapphire [Mischief-Type, unique powers:], Tessa [Four-Dimensional-Type, unique power:], (belong to :iconimagineko-oc-group: *Group OCs*)

New features coming will include:
  • A "points system" where you earn group "currency" for drawing Imaginekos, which can be used to get free Custom Imaginekos. WIP: tokens
  • That thing about Hex, which the admins know about. Hex's Signature Hex the Imagineko emoji ;P
  • Admin's "shops" where you can commission accessories and companions for your Imaginekos. (Don't worry - creating your own accessories will ALWAYS be free.)
  • More details on other Imagian lifeforms, such as bugs and plants.
  • A way to submit your own ideas for Imagian bugs and plants. 
  • How to create a My Imaginekos List which will be required to participate in any of the ARPG aspects listed here.
  • More bonus stuff for admins/"honorary admins".
  • more types? maybe... :meow:
  • Coolness!
Oct. 28th is the anniversary of the founding of this group!

There'll be an event of course... 

1. Let's all draw our Imaginekos sitting down, on a transparent background, and then I (Cat) will put them all into one giant image! Featherys, thanks for the idea!
2. There will be a contest :w00t: LunarNyx, thanks for the idea!
Guess what?
There's a Hoshinu for Imagia now!!!!! :D

Update: kasaru2911 (creator of the Hoshinu species!) has accepted the invitation to the group, and we're hoping to be able to make a Custom Imagineko for them :heart:Hoshinu #113: Imagia by Galaxy-Hoshinu
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Imagineko - Maimu :iconzjeroxytz:ZjeroXytz 3 5 Imagineko - Sylvia :iconcuteheartcaty:CuteHeartCaty 4 9 Chrysalis the imagineko :icondreamwalker-elphaba:DreamWalker-Elphaba 1 3 Maimu :iconzjeroxytz:ZjeroXytz 24 11 [AT] Karlotte :iconbluethecaracal:BlueTheCaracal 6 4 Isak :iconaeniridiae:Aeniridiae 29 19 Lock- Imagineko :iconlunaticserenity:LunaticSerenity 11 5 Impossible :iconmqngo-tea:Mqngo-tea 9 5 Karlotte :iconderp301:Derp301 3 2 Imagineko Mini-game Test (Playable SWF) :iconaquapyrofan:AquaPyrofan 5 8 Karlotte :iconj-ayne:J-ayne 3 2 Maimu :iconzjeroxytz:ZjeroXytz 33 5


Imagineko base by ZjeroXytz
zin and rin by Zane-Romave
Melanie Imagineko by 5FriendsLotsOfCrazy
Nenu Chibi, again. so creative... by ThatOneCatOnline
Friends and Family of Imaginekos
Carrot Ref by Aeniridiae
Hoshinu #077: Neon by Galaxy-Hoshinu
bi-209 by xThePeriodicAutumnx
Bunny Gals by Mqngo-tea

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